About Us

Leon & Arlyn Marler has decided to spend the rest of their careers making a difference in the lives of the elderly. Leon has become a certified nursing assistant and Arlyn is a RHIA, EMBA and RN. She has been in healthcare for more than 30 years. She is responsible for the compliance and regulations assuring the quality of care given to our clients.

Leon has spent most of his life in business for himself and always searching to find the perfect situation. He wanted to find an opportunity to still be in business for himself and provide a wonderful service to the community.

After sampling ten to twenty different businesses he found residential care for the elderly.So at the young age of fifty plus, he had finally found the perfect job. Get up every day and love on people. After all he had always enjoyed taking care of others especially elders. He had helped to take care of his grandparents when they came to his parents home to spend their final days. There it is, the opportunity for Leon and Arlyn to be involved in a labor of love.

For Leon and Arlyn to be able to give our aging population a clean, safe, warm and loving environment and the food is not bad either. More than a business it has become a calling.

Arlyn has had such a wonderful time making sure all of the pieces fit and work together, she has always been involved with people getting the exact kind of help they need, weather that be medications, treatment or general care that brings a quality to their life. This all began at the old St. Joseph’s hospital transitioning to Lovelace, San Bernardino Community and for the physic part Charter and now Presbyterian hospital here in Albuquerque and finally to Marler Manor. Her first love to is to make sure we give great care while doing it by the book or as it is other wise known keeping it all between the lines. Her greatest challenge is to get Leon to color in the lines once in a while.

God Bless all of you that look at this web site, know that our prayers are with you because the journey you are on is a very hard one and if there are any questions about anything please call Leon at 505-550-2350.